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Massage Techniques


Massage is performed in the conditions comfortable for patient (workplace or public places) to reduce stress as much as possible. During the massage, only the best
techniques are used to improve the condition of patient’s organism in a quick and efficient way.

Massage chair
The commonly used replacement for the standard massage chair is a chair without support. It takes less place and is more mobile while maintaining the comfort of the massaged person.
Work time
The total time of massage is an average of 15 minutes. Such a short time allows to perform it during work time or expo.
The on-site massage is concentrated on the parts described by the recipient as aching. Preformed techniques and the duration of the massage may therefore vary, depending on the needs of the person being massaged.
Both standard chair and the chair without support do not take much space.
The space needed to perform worksite massage is approximately 1m2
(including the therapist).

The service should be available for the largest group of recipients possible
and therefore the placing of the mobile study is so important
and should characterized by:

– good visibility
– open location, outside the standard stands
– approximately 6m2 of space for therapists
– location near the relaxation corners or gastronomy service