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The American Psychological Association estimates the total cost of stress on the job costs companies more than $200 billion a year.

Popularization of work-site massages rapidly increases and that is because of possitive results that employers notice among their workers. Besides the pro-health determinant, growth of their motivation and job satisfaction can be noticed, and so is the working atmosphere better.
  • increase morale and company pride
  • reduce stress and promote health
  • reinforce the message that you value your people’s health and wellbeing
  • create an atmosphere of camaraderie, trust and loyalty
  • reward performance
  • reduce sick time and absenteeism
  • attract and retain top-quality employees
  • reduce the high cost of employee turnover
  • increase accuracy, problem-solving and creative thinking abilities
  • decrease repetitive injuries and workers comp claims
  • offer an inexpensive 100% tax-deductible perk